Pending cancel IMEI!

Hello Supplier for FuriousTeam,

It is very important to deliver the service in a proper time. We can understand sometimes you can have difficulty or some delay about your solution or services.
If you know that you can't unlock the imeis that are PENDING CANCEL,please cancel/refund them so the client can take his money back, nobody like to wait for nothing.

In case you are having difficulties with your admin panel you can read this tutorial that helps you with the imeis that are PENDING CANCEL:

It is very important to know that people who pressed cancel want to CANCEL the order but maybe they want it DONE FASTER. Make sure you ask about your PENDING CANCEL imeis with our Suppliers Manager Razvan, write him here:

  • skype id: furiousteam.suppliers
  • email:
  • sonork: 100.1638065

Thank you.

Best regards,
FuriousTeam Suppliers Support

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