New prices with FuriousTeam!

Hello FuriousTeam Store Owner,

The last week we gave our best to beat all the prices of our competitors just for you, check it yourselfs and you will see that the prices are really low right now.
This will increase your sales and increase your quantity of orders, we want to stay on top of the market, because that is the best way to have a successful business.
There is no need to search for a different price as you will see that it is more easy to get your store to be more popular if you work 100% with us, many of you guys have alternative sites that want to sell their products and services but there is no chace that you get as many requests as you whould get with your FuriousTeam store if you are working 100% with us.
Make sure that you check the new prices you have availalbe now and make requests!

Thank you.

Best regards,
FuriousTeam Suppliers Support

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