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Make sure you unlock your PENDINGS on time , if your service is stable, you get more requests!
Hello Supplier for FuriousTeam,

It is very important to deliver the service in a proper time. We can understand sometimes you can have difficulty or some delay about your solution or services.
Here you have a tutorial that can help you with those pending cancel imeis:
Make sure you make your unlocks in time all the time, as you know clients hate to wait more, and they will ask for cancel. When that happens everybody loses money!!!
If youhave any news about your tools, or you want to update some new tools please contact Razvan our Supplier Manager on :
  • skype id: furiousteam.suppliers
  • email:
  • sonork: 100.1638065

Best regards,
FuriousTeam Suppliers Support
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It is easy to work on FuriousTeam here you have some short steps that can help you with your work
Hello supplier for FuriousTeam

Please check your admin panel from our site to check if you have some pending jobs:

Here you have a tutorial to help you in the admin panel:

If you need help with your processing jobs here is a tutorial that will guide you:

Fell free to ask our Suppliers Manager Razvan any question you have regarding your servicess,
you can contact him here:
skype id: furiousteam.suppliers

Best regards,
FuriousTeam Suppliers Support
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Manage your tools and update your BEST PRICE and beat the market!
Hello supplier for FuriousTeam,
Now we make it easy for you to edit your solutions or services at anytime you need it.
Modify the price you are selling to us, modify the description or edit any other features for your tool and services.
Make sure you update your tool and add your BEST PRICE so we can have the best prices in the market and we will get more requests you will earn more money this way!
You can always make news about your progress, you just have to press the NOTIFICATION button as you can see in this tutorial:
For more information and new updates make sure you contact our Suppliers Manager Razvan here:
skype id: furiousteam.suppliers
sonork: 100.1638065

Thank you.

Best regards,
FuriousTeam Suppliers Support
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Make money with FuriousTeam TODAY
Dear FuriousTeam Supplier,

Make sure you check our website and add new offer for us, maybe you can beat our current prices and we will test your service.
Check out our market place, and see if you can BEAT AN OFFER that we have.

Manage your requests easily. Forget emails and excel, focus on your real job only. Show us what you are made of! Check and download all your pending requests in one click. Process your requests in bulk while they are done. If for any reasons you can not provide the service please select the reason so the customer knows what is happening.

You can ask payment every day, every hours, as soon as your jobs ar done. We can pay you by PayPal,DalPay, Western Union or Bank Transfer at this time.
For help, information , and details about your offers, about your requests add this
  • skype id: furiousteam.suppliers
  • email:
  • sonork: 100.1638065

Fell free to contact me to discus any good deals so you can start making money today!
Best regards, your dedicated FuriousTeam Supplier Manager Razvan
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We always are looking for new suppliers and new services
Dear FuriousTeam Supplier,

Increase your revenues like never before by beating any of our current supplier offers or creating new solutions or products which are not offered on the webpage. Your solution will INSTANTLY available to thousands of customers! Do not miss the chance making money with us starting from TODAY. Working with FuriousTeam is best services, support and INSTANT payment on your requests by ant method you like GUARANTEED!

In case offered solutions, services, or products you would like to offer on the market place is using apis we can easily include it in our systems free of charge.

We always are looking for new solutions and services.

How to beat a current supplier:

How to add your own service:

Need more help ? Please contact us using the following details:

Razvan | Supplier Manager
He takes care about suppliers for any request about delay, about informations, cancel or anything related to services and supplier please contact him using the following details. You can also find him online on the chat in the supplier area.

Skype: furiousteam.suppliers
Sonork: 100.1638065
Languages: English, Romanian

Please add us to your contacts list so we can provide the best support.

Best regards,
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Suppliers Control Panel Updated

We are pleased to release a new update today in the FuriousTeam Engine supplier administration control panel as follow:

  1. We have reduced the amount to request money for payment. Minimum amount to request a payement from us is now 50$ (only with paypal). Other payment methods such as Bank transfer or Western Union require a minimum of 1000$ to be processed (due to high fees)
  2. We fixed a problem from some supplier that did not see all their solution on their account. We remind you that you can edit your services at anytime.
  3. We fixed the email notifications. Some supplier did not received email with pending requests. Now it should be fixed
We are happy to launch a new dedicated forum for FuriousTeam Engine Suppliers. This will help us to offer a better support specially designed for suppliers. Please feel free to share your ideas, what do you need, what you would like to see, what is coming and more stuff.

How to join forum ? We made it easy! Simply login to your supplier administration panel, and click Forum on the top right and sign-in automatically with your supplier account.

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Market place and suppliers
Market place and suppliers

We finally launched the FuriousTeam market place last week and until now it has been a great success! We have received lot of new offers from you thank you! We have added already plenty of new suppliers and services so your solutions are now live in FuriousTeam Engine powered stores!

If you have a solution for sale to unlock phone, a service you can offer or even a product You should register NOW ! You can start making money TODAY!

We woud like you to pay attention for the VERIFYING request. It can happens sometimes you submit a wrong code, an incorect response or simply a mistake. Then the customer will not be able to unlock his phone or to use the service you provided. This is why we have created a VERIFYING features so the customer can ask you to verify the code or the service you provided because he reported it as NOT WORKING. This is very important to give the best services to our customers.

We have made a short tutorial how to solve VERIFYING requests in few step and we would like you to check it out.

Your account | Dashboard | Verifying Jobs

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Can you provide services? We pay Cash!
Can you provide services? We pay Cash!

Increase your sales instantly by adding your services to FuriousTeam Engine stores. It will be offered to hundreds of stores owners and ten of thousands of customers! We are always looking for new suppliers. Create an account, see our currents services, beat the price of our actual suppliers and join us! We provide a complete solution to manage your account, your requests, your payments and much more.

Try your best to ensure fast delivery and keep on updating the price you are offering us as many supliers are monitoring your services. Let's do business together for real.

Remember you can start to make money TODAY with us. Work with FuriousTeam will GUARANTEE you the best services, support and get paid INSTANTLY on your requests by any method you like.

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New Pending Cancel Features in Supplier Admin


It is very important to deliver the service in a proper time. We can understand sometimes you can have difficulty or some delay about your solution or services. This is why we have added a new features called PENDING CANCEL. This means if the delay you have announced for your services is not respected +3 Days. Customers can ask to cancel the service as they might not needed anymore. For example the phone has been already picked up from their customers. So it is very important to cancel it fast so everybody can do his job in peace. Remember than having too much delay with your solutions will cause the removal of your services and the cancelation of your FuriousTeam Engine supplier account.

  1. Click here to show all requests which have asked to CANCEL. they are OVER DELAY +3 days. Please solve them NOW and Accept the cancel NOW.
  2. The ID of the request
  3. The IMEI or serial number of sometimes other details
  4. The date customer asked this service
  5. The date you have solved it (00000 Means still pending)
  6. Check all requests
  7. Click Accept Button
All requests will be refunded to our customers. Please DO NOT WAIT. if the delay is over. You must SOLVE THEM or CANCEL

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