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How to change name servers of your domain with Godaddy
If you bought your domain at it is very easy to change the name server of your domain so you can create your own cellphone online unlocking store. Here is how you can do it:

  • Login to your account, then click my account.


  • Select your domain and click Launch button

  • Once you arrive to the domain detailed page, in Nameservers please select Set Nameservers


  • Now you need to select (i have specific nameservers for my domains) then you need to enter our name servers as follow
  • Then press OK

  • Now you only have to wait few hours. Then you can create your own FuriousTeam Store by going here
  • Sometimes it can take up to 48 hours for the changes to be done.

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Create your store for free in 5 minutes without any deposit
Create your store for free in 5 minutes without any deposit

We have worked hard the last days to listen many of you. Thank you so much for your feedbacks !!

We are please to release today a complete FREE and AUTOMATIC working 24/7 store creation system. This means you can create your OWN unlocking store in 5 minutes with us, without any deposit, and this works 24/7 !

You can try it now it is live! We wish you best success with your new online unlocking store. We remind you that all our services prices can be negotiated following the volume your store is doing.

What are you waiting for ? Start to make money TODAY by selling mobile phone unlocking services and more in just 5 minutes!

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Template Customization updated
Template Customization updated

We have added new features for you to be able to customize your own store better. Change the background, the main color of your website or the menu by adding some patterns and view it in live!

FuriousTeam Engine Customize your store

  1. This is the background
  2. This is the navigation Menu
  3. This is the content
  4. This is the footer

  1. You can select here the background color of your store
  2. You can also select a transaparent pattern which looks very nice
  3. You can use the body patterns on your store. By using this patterns it will cancel the background color and transparent patterns.


  1. Choose a color for the main navigation menu of your store

FuriousTeam Engine
  1. Choose a color for the main content of your store

  1. You can select here the background color of the footer
  2. You can also select a transaparent pattern for the footer
  3. You can use the body patterns on the footer. By using this patterns it will cancel the background color and transparent patterns.
  4. Once you are ready click Update settings button and your website will be instantly updated!

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Open your own cellphone online unlocking store today
Open your own cellphone online unlocking store today

FuriousTeam engine provide you a complete easy to use and ready to work online unlocking store. All the latest up to date solutions included, support worldwide networks covering most of the phones on the international market. Best delivery time and unlock rate guaranteed. Killer affiliate program included, Monthly plans, Free unlock solutions, Customers solutions management and tons of unique features that you can find only here.

Receive payment from your customers directly to your account using your own paypal account, bank details or western union. Focus on your sales and customers and stop losing your time with emails, excel and wrong suppliers.

Do you already have a website running ? You can use FuriousTeam and migrate all your current customers here for FREE. Experience a new way selling unlock codes on internet. Give uniques features to your customers. Enjoy the most advanced online unlocking store.

A very easy to use and clean CMS (Control Management System) for you to manage your business. Many advanced options on the FuriousTeam Store Admin Control Panel. Exclusive unlock solutions specially powered by FuriousTeam in exclusivity that you can not find anywhere else. A clean dashboard to take a quick look at your sales, users registration, and solutions used. Activate services you need for your store, setup your own payment details. Manage your orders and customers easily. Offer special prices for each customers following the services he needs. Enjoy advanced affiliate programm for your customers and much more.

The concept is simple :

  • You create your own domain name and redirect to our servers
  • You deposit money to your FuriousTeam Engine Store.
  • You setup your store with your own style, payment details and activate solutions you need
  • Your store is ready to accept orders and all requests will be processed automatically
  • You do not have to worry about paying different suppliers here is only one
  • Everything in one place with best services and best prices including a stunning online store
  • All our prices can be negotiated following the volume your store is doing
  • Contant updates and online support including Experts available

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Introducing Mobile App for all stores
Introducing Mobile App for all stores

We are happy to introduce the universal mobile app for FuriousTeam Engine powered stores. You can now enjoy a much better experience if you are using our site using a mobile device such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and many others it looks great on it! We have added the following features on the app:

  • Visitors can pass order directly from the app
  • View News, Tools, Services and FAQ without having an account
  • Login for registered members
  • View Notifications
  • Submit requests
  • View jobs history
  • View affiliate balance and withdraw money
  • Deposit Cash
  • Add a shortcut to the app directly on your home screen
Hope you like it!

Access directly with your mobile device at the following address: FuriousTeam Engine Mobile App

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API Updated to V1.0.0.3
API Updated to V1.0.0.3

FuriousTeam Engine API V1.0.0.3 released

  • Added support for Bulk SMS Sender and CheckMEND international
  • Modified files : functions.php, sendrequest.php
  • Added support for checking the status of one request. Method: GET_REQUEST_CODES, required parameter UNLOCK_ID
All stores are now updated.

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New requests pages for stores
New requests pages for stores
We are happy to release a new request page much more clear now and easy to use for FuriousTeam Engine powered stores.
Here is the new changes and and they are right NOW LIVE on every single stores.

One of the advantage using a FuriousTeam Engine powered online store, will gives your store all the latest web technologies you need and always up to date provided by FuriousTeam WEB Labs with high development skills. We are all the time trying the best to provide a better mobile phones services & unlocking experience. As you know this business change very fast and often. Its difficult to maintain a functional and great website ready to work and make money of course. We do not like to miss any single sale don't you ? :) This will not happen with FuriousTeam Engine powered stores. Get the MAXIMUM Power for your customers.

Very easy to use and clear requests pages including exact different status and unique features. The perfect way to manage your jobs easily! We will explain here how to use in details:
  1. This is the code requests page. You can access it when you are logged in to your account. Then click My Account, Requests
  2. Select Codes to display unlocking codes orders
  3. Display your Social orders
  4. Display Unlocking Tools services
  5. PENDING means your request is currently waiting to be solved. Please refer to the estimated delivery time to know when it should be ready
  6. SOLVED will display all solved requests and jobs done
  7. REFUNDED requests means we could not deliver the service and you got money back for it
  8. VERIFYING allow you to ask us to verify a SOLVED request. Because you estimate it not working and needs to be verified
  9. PENDING CANCEL are the requests which you have asked for cancelation because the delay is over for example
  10. This is the main requests informations. You can see the service you used, the informations about each requests you have sent. Such as IMEI or serial number, Model, Provider, Country, Network and much more (it varies for every tools and services)
  11. This is the price for the request you have paid for it.
  12. The status of your request
  13. The ID (it is always better to communicate this ID to our services in case you need any help)
  14. The date and time you have made this request
  15. The date and time this requests has been updated by our services
  16. We also including filters to search from different IMEI or serial or anything else the search is universal. You can also select different status to display and different solutions. You can also sort request from certain ID which make it very easy to export
  17. Copy will copy all the selected requests
  18. Export to CSV all the selected requests
  19. Export to PDF all the selected requests
  20. Cancel on demand if for some reason (it can happen sometimes) your request is delayed, this means if the delivery time is not respected +3 days. You can ask us to cancel your request and give your credits back. It is very important for us to respect the delay. We always push the suppliers to be even faster. But it is now easy to cancel a request anytime if delay is over.
  21. Leave a feedback for this services! How was it ? Tell us your opinion! We would love to hear from you!
  22. VERIFY a solved request. Wrong codes? Service not working? Can be a mistake from supplier. Simply click Verify code and it should be fixed soon.

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Introducing FuriousTeam Engine API V1.0.0.1
Introducing FuriousTeam Engine API V1.0.0.1

We are pleased to introduce today our brand new API which is working with every stores powered by FuriousTeam Engine.

Simply login to your account on any FuriousTeam Engine powered stores and go to API. You will be able to download already PRE-configurated files instantly ready to work with your account.

Supported Features:
  • Import informations such as networks, phones supported and more
  • Update user credits
  • Custom prices for each services
  • Get services list and features
  • Send requests
  • Get requests pending, solved, refunded, verified
  • Unique features VERIFICATION Built-IN
  • PHP & Database example files included

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Open your own online unlock store
Open your own online unlock store

Yes ! It will be available very soon (coming days) everyone will be able to open his own online unlock store powered by FuriousTeam Engine !

After few months of hard work we will launch this features very soon. FuriousTeam Engine powered online unlocking store is simply the leader on the market right now and we have beaten all the TOP unlocking sites in just few month!

Why you should open your FuriousTeam Engine online store ?
  1. You are going to make money like it never happen before
  2. This is the MOST advanced online unlocking store available on the market right now
  3. Powerful and uniques features provided by FuriousTeam crew
  4. All solutions pre-configured ready to start working fast !
  5. Solutions & Products market place to get the best prices on every tools, services or even products!
  6. Most online payments integrated
  7. Xclusive solutions that you can't find anywhere else
  8. Online support for store owners
  9. Stunning websites look than can be easily customized with your logo, colors and more
And much features that we will announce here very soon !

We should be ready in the next weeks.

Best regards,

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