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New Pending Cancel Features in Supplier Admin


It is very important to deliver the service in a proper time. We can understand sometimes you can have difficulty or some delay about your solution or services. This is why we have added a new features called PENDING CANCEL. This means if the delay you have announced for your services is not respected +3 Days. Customers can ask to cancel the service as they might not needed anymore. For example the phone has been already picked up from their customers. So it is very important to cancel it fast so everybody can do his job in peace. Remember than having too much delay with your solutions will cause the removal of your services and the cancelation of your FuriousTeam Engine supplier account.

  1. Click here to show all requests which have asked to CANCEL. they are OVER DELAY +3 days. Please solve them NOW and Accept the cancel NOW.
  2. The ID of the request
  3. The IMEI or serial number of sometimes other details
  4. The date customer asked this service
  5. The date you have solved it (00000 Means still pending)
  6. Check all requests
  7. Click Accept Button
All requests will be refunded to our customers. Please DO NOT WAIT. if the delay is over. You must SOLVE THEM or CANCEL

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