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This is the main processing page for your requests, jobs, services that you need to provide.

  1. Select Requests button
  2. Select the solution you need then you will be redirected to the requests pending page


This page will show all the curent requests in pending to your account.

  1. The solution name you are in charge
  2. Click here to download all at once your pending + verifying requests that you have in pending
  3. Verifying means you already processed this request but the customer reported as not working. Then you need to verify it.
  4. Pending requests that needs to be solved
  5. Click here to solve requests and change the status
  6. Click here to see all solved requests you already processed
  7. Here you can see all requests that you have refunded and canceled
  8. Click here to show pending requests
  9. Click here to show verifying requests
  10. Show solved requests
  11. Show refunded requests
  12. Show requests need to be canceled
  13. This is the request ID for this order
  14. This is the imei or serial or information number than you need to be able to make your job
  15. This is the date when the customer asked the request
  16. We also added comments from the customers when he added this request as some solutions needs more details

Processing a VALID REQUEST:


Let’s say you want to send 4 solved requests wich require more than one code for each phone to be unlocked properly. As you know some phones may require more than one unlock codes. ONE IMEI per line and EACH CODES has to be separated by COMA this is VERY IMPORTANT.



If the imei require only one unlock code then enter as follow IMEI,UNLOCKCODE, then select the STATUS as UNLOCKED. When you are done. Click Submit Codes button. You can take a look at the screenshot as follow.



As you know iPhone unlocking is managed by iTunes. So the customer doesn’t need an unlock code, the status of the iPhone has to be set as UNLOCKED. For this simply enter the IMEI of the iPhone (ONE PER LINE) then select the STATUS as UNLOCKED. When you are done. Click Submit Codes button. You can take a look at the screenshot as follow.



For some reasons it can happen than you are not able to calculate unlock codes for some requests. Then we have to refund the customer for this. Simply enter the imei of the phone or the request thant you want to set as UNAVAILABLE, ONE IMEI per line ONLY. Then select the STATUS as NOT AVAILABLE, and select the REASON. It’s always important to let the customer knows the reason why the requests come as NOT AVAILABLE.

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