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It can happens sometimes to send a wrong response to a request, a wrong code or the wrong details. Thats why we have built the VERIFY features. This means every customers can ask to verify one request if it failed to do the job. So it is exactly the same IMEI, or request that you have solved before and we have paid for it but it needs to be verified. This is how you should process to verify a request in few steps


  1. Login to your FuriousTeam Engine supplier account and go to pending jobs
  2. Select the solutions on the right then the Yellow requests means they have to be verified. Click Go to Solution.


  1. Click VERIFYING button
  2. This is the ID of the request that you already processed before
  3. This is the IMEI of the request you already processed before
  4. The date of the customer asked that request
  5. The date you solved the request
  6. The response you already submited before but the customer reported as NOT WORKING
  7. Click here to download pending and verifying request
  8. Click here to solve them


Once you download the request the file will be separated in 2 parts for actual PENDING and VERIFYING


Simply enter now the new code verified exactly the same you processing any other request. Separated by a coma (,) and 1 per line only. Select Unlocked then click submit codes button.


If for any reason this request is not available or you are getting the same response or same code please set it as NOT AVAILABLE so the customer can be refunded as he will not be able to use this service. We usually ask for video proof if the code or request is not working.

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