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We made it easy for you to get paid FAST and safe. Working with FuriousTeam will guarantee you to be paid on time, anytime. Will explain here how to ask money from your account as soon as your jobs are done.

  1. Click Request payment from the dashboard
  2. This is the total you have earn since we started to work together
  3. This is your curent balance. The money available for you to withdraw anytime
  4. Click here to ask a payment
  5. Click here to see archives payment we already have paid to you
  6. Click here to see your jobs history and price for each items you got paid.
  7. To ask payment simply enter the amount you want to withdraw from your account (the funds need to be available in your curent balance)
  8. Select how you would like to be paid
  9. Enter your payment details
  10. Once you are ready click request payment

Your request will be processed in 24 to 48 hours (depending the payment method you have choose) Then you will be able to see payment details and payment proof in your payment archives.


Once we have sent your payment you will be able to see the details like this.

  1. The amount you requested
  2. The payment details you have sent us
  3. The date of your request
  4. The date we have paid you
  5. The status of your payment


Archives will show complete history of your requests. How many you have made at what price.

  1. The solutions or services name
  2. How many you have solved
  3. The current price we are paying you for this service
  4. The subtotal for this solution or services
  5. The grand total money you have made since you are working with us

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