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Welcome to your dashboard! You can easily access all the features directly from here. Now will explain each of them in details.


  1. This is the details of the curent admin version we are runing
  2. You can your username once you are logged in to your account
  3. This is the logout button


  1. Click here to come back anytime to your dashboard (this page)
  2. Direct access to services requests for the solutions/services you are managing
  3. Direct access to the FuriousTeam Engine Help & ressources


  1. Click here to show all curent services & solutions available in the FuriousTeam market place. Those solutions are already on sale in all FuriousTeam Engine powered stores.
  2. Click here to show all current products available in the FuriousTeam market place. Those products are already on sale in all FuriousTeam Engine powered stores.
  3. Click here to show only your own solutions or services that you are right now selling to us and available in FuriousTeam Engine powered stores.
  4. Click here to show only your own products you are selling to us and available in FuriousTeam Engine powered stores.


  1. The FuriousTeam Engine market place to beat our curent suppliers
  2. Pending job will display all pending requests or pending orders you have on your account. This means you have to do your job.
  3. Completes sales statistics about your services or products. Including your cash withdraws
  4. Request payement any time by cliking here. We can pay you in many different ways in any country.
  5. Need to modify your chats details ? Or password ? Here is the place
  6. Can you provides unlock codes? Tools activations ? Website membership ? Make us an offer! Add yourself your own services/solutions to our market place now! We will increase your sale like you never had before and this is GUARANTEED.
  7. Are you selling products ? Mobile Accesory ? Mobile Phones ? Mobile softwares , box or cables ? Add your products now we will send you straight away plenty of worldwide orders GUARANTEED!


  1. Want to see if we already sale your products or you solutions ? Or services ? Take a look here ! You can filtering the search by entering for example a country or a solution or product name eg: UK, or Samsung or FuriousGold etc...
  2. Clear your search anytime
  3. This is the market place dashboard, you can see all services and products wich we are right now selling in any FuriousTeam Engine powered stores. Some of those solutions are present since long time and already a lot of supplier had successful sales.
  4. You can see the solutions or product name picture, the supplier ID (our current supplier) we are hidding the name for confidentiality.
  5. How many pending requests are right now waiting to be solved. The delivery time announced, the availibility rate, and the average delivery time. It it important to know exactly what our current supplier provide.
  6. Can you do better ? Can you BEAT this supplier ? And start working with us now ? Are you ready to make money ? To be paid instantly after job is done ? So click NOW the BEAT OFFER button! And give us your BEST offer!

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