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Do you have a tool ? Services ? Activations ? Solutions for sale ? And we are not selling it ?? Are you ready to make real money ? Working as a FuriousTeam supplier will increase your sales like it never happened before GUARANTEED. You can beat any of our current supplier and start to sales your services, solutions or products TODAY

Hurry up!

  1. Click Add Tool from the dashboard
  2. Select the 1st tab called Tool details
  3. Enter the name of your solutions, service or tool
  4. Select the delivery time. You need to be sure 100% that you are able to delivery your service in that MAXIMUM delivery time.
  5. Enter the price you are selling to us
  6. Enter the description of your service. This is my tool description. Enter here the maximum details to describe your tool or services as much as you can. More explications will increase your sales!

Now you can click the second tab called FEATURES. You will be able to select features for your tool to describe it the best way possible. If you do not find the corresponding features that fit perfectly your tool or service simply contact us we will add it for you.


  1. Select the Features menu
  2. Select different category to browse the different features available
  3. You can select or disable any features from here directly

Now you can click the Supported Brands menu


  1. Select the phones supported by your tool or solution. We are always adding new models, if your model is not present here simply contact us we will add
  2. it. If you do not need to select brands or models for your solution simply don't select anything.
  3. If you need to select an entire brands you can select here
  4. If you need to select only few models, you need to select the brand first then select the models you need

Now you can click the supported carriers menu


  1. Select the country and networks for which your solutions or services is working
  2. if you need to select only some networks from that country please click here
  3. Select country here will select all networks from that country
  4. Then select here the carrier supported for your tool or services


Do you still need something special ? Maybe you have an idea for your tool to improve it ? Write is here please.

Your tool is now added ? Congratulations!. We will shortly contact you to test your services and to make sure you can provide in the delay. At this point you should have received an email explaining how we are going to process. As soon as we have verified with you that your services is working perfectly we will approve your solutions or services and it will be available for sale in our stores within 48 hours (sometimes faster)

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