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This comes built in the FuriousTeam engine an amazing real time live news about your online store. Everything is posted on that page. When a customer register, the requests, every status, the affiliates commissions, the news, updates, social services etc etc... Absolutely EVERY single mouvement of your store is recorded here.

FuriousTeam Engine Live News

  1. The total of newsletter sent in the last 24hours. Click here to send a newsletter.
  2. The total of FuriousTeam Engine stores news in the last 24 hours. Click here to display store news only, such as services updates from our side, new solutions, new suppliers, everything related to your store.
  3. The total actions by your customers since the last 24 hours. Click here to display the actual Time line of your store.
  4. Select different date by clicking shortcut here.
  5. Click here to add a news manually
  6. Click here to deleted the news selected previously
  7. Delete this single news
  8. Select here to delete a group of news
  9. This is the description of the event, it can be the status of the requests, a new customer registered, a new deposit etc...
  10. This is the content of the news

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