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We have added a new feature store news which make things more easy to understand what is going on with the different services or updates released from our side. Every single news will be now posted here so be sure to read them often to not miss any updates on your store.


  1. Select different date to display the FuriousTeam Engine store news
  2. The date of the news
  3. Click here to go and edit the specified service
  4. The content of the update
  5. The category of the news

We have 5 different categories of updates as follow:

  • Help and support. Which is related to manual how to use your FuriousTeam Engine store
  • Service Updated. When a solution or a service already existing in our engine is getting updated.
  • New Service Available. When a new service is added in our engine.
  • Service Down. When a actual service getting down. (it get instantly disabled from your store) but actual requests will still be processed.
  • FuriousTeam Engine News. All the news related to FuriousTeam.

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