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On this page you will be able to edit tools and services options. It is very easy to update and edit a tool from FuriousTeam Engine.

FuriousTeam Engine Tools and Activation

  1. This is the status of the service right now on your store.
  2. The delivery time for this service
  3. How many models supported for this service
  4. Click here to edit the tool description and options
  5. Click here to edit the tool banners images and videos
  6. Edit the prices
  7. Edit the tool and services SEO for best search engine results
  8. Click here to Enable or Disable this tool
  9. If you would like to use the official FuriousTeam Engine description to be always updated on your store select this option. Else your own description will appears on your site.
  10. If you would like to publish this solution to news select this option
  11. The active language you are going to edit you would like to edit. We provide a complete description in every language enabled by default in your store. But you can still edit with your own description and title for every languages here.
  12. Select different language to edit. here we are doing english.
  13. You can edit the tool name here
  14. Edit the subtitle of the tool here
  15. Edit the tool description using a nice editor
  16. Write here the reason of the update. For exemple cheaper price, new service etc...
  17. If you would like to reset the original tool description click the toggle link, then copy and paste the description in the proper fields.
  18. Once you are ready click Update Solution button. Each time you are clicking this button a news will be posted on your site.
  19. This is the actual description of your tool (what your customers are seeing)

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