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Ultimate statistics about your stores for every single dollar spent. See exactly how much money you are doing with your FuriousTeam Engine store. Very clean statistics makes your accounting easier! You can also export complete statistics to PNG image, JPEG image, PDF or SVG Vector image.

FuriousTeam Engine Statistics

  1. Select a start date
  2. Select a end date
  3. Click filter date to display statistics from this range of date only
  4. This is the total revenues your store generated during this period. We call it also gross sales.
  5. This is the total costs you had for this period (means already paid)
  6. This is the actual profit you have made for the selected period
  7. As there is still some pending jobs need to be solved we will add this amount to the total profit
  8. Including the possible revenues (if pending jobs get solved)
  9. This is the total possible profit (including pending requests solved)
  10. Detailed sales for solved requests, monthly plan billed, visitor orders solved
  11. Detailed costs what you have paid for solved requests, verifying request, pending cancel requests, your own costs, the refunded requests, and affiliates revenues.
  12. This is the possible sales that you curently have in process (PENDING). The requests in veryfing, the request where the customer asked for a cancel and the request in pending. This amount is the amount of price you are selling to your customer. This requests will be solved or canceled if the delay is over.
  13. User stats will display the total deposit your customer have made for the selected period, the total money available on your customers account, the total of affiliate commissions available on customers account.
  14. We also display all the solutions in a table so even more clean
  15. The type of the service used
  16. The usage rate (how often this service is used)
  17. The total number of requests
  18. The total number of pending requests
  19. The total number of solved requests
  20. The total number of error requests
  21. The total number of refunded requests
  22. The service and tool availability rate

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