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You can easily customize your store using the following setting options. This is one of the priority you have to do before anything else on your store.

  1. Here you can edit different options as follow
  2. Edit your store name
  3. Select and upload the main logo for your store.
  4. Select and upload logo for the contact form page
  5. Select and upload logo for the signin page
  6. Select and upload logo for the who we are page
  7. Select and upload logo for the who we are page bottom
  8. Select curencies to activate on your site.*
  9. Enable or disable a curencie

How curencies works ?

For visitors orders (1 time order)

  • Enable extra curencies for your customers so they can place their order in their own curencies. For exemple if you enable EUR or GBP your visitors orders will be able to checkout in EUR or GBP

For registered users (deposits)

  • Enable extra curencies will allow your customers to browse the site in their own curencies. So they have a better idea of the price of each services. If you enable EUR for exemple, your customers will be able to enter a deposit as 100 EUR and the transaction will be recorded in USD.


  1. Select the default curencie for your visitors. (customers without account)
  2. If you would like to close your site for maintenance please enter the message you would like to display to your visitors
  3. Enable or Disable Maintenance Mode
  4. Once you are done click Update Settings button.


  1. Edit the social options of your store
  2. if you have a Facebook page for your website you could add the link here so it will be displayed on the footer in every page of your store.
  3. if you have a YouTube channel you could add the link here so it will be displayed on the footer in every page of your store.
  4. If you have a Twitter account you could add the link here so it will be displayed on the footer in every page of your store.
  5. Once you have edited the option click Update Settings button.


  1. Keep tracking of your website by adding amazing features
  2. Paste here the google analystics code so you can track your website with powerfull stats. You can view more details about Google Analystics here. Be sure to remove the script tag.
  3. If you are using Google Webmaster tool you can paste here only the content of your HTML tag
  4. If you are using your own online chat support for your customers you can paste the HTML code here so it will appears everywhere on your site. If you would like to offer online support to your customers we suggest you to use Zopim which works very great!
  5. Let website visitors know you are the real deal by using certified domain from GoDaddy. You simply can paste here your html certified domain code and it will be display.
  6. Enable the certified domain badge in the footer of your website
  7. Enable the certified domain badge in the solutions detailled page of your website
  8. Enhance visitor confidence with Website Protection Site Scanner Seal display on your website. You need to copy the ID ONLY. For exemple: 51a09871-7652-98ff-9ae9-9123cbdd56cb
  9. Enable Website Protection Site Scanner Seal in footer
  10. Enable Website Protection Site Scanner Seal on tool page
  11. Enable ADDTHIS features will allow your visitors to easily share the services available from your site on different social platforms. The ADDTHIS share buttons will appears on solutions detailed page.
  12. If you are using an account on ADDTHIS you can also add your username here.
  13. Enable DISQUS on solutions detailed page so your customers can share comments easily.
  14. Enable DISQUS on FAQ pages. So your customers can leave comments on each FAQ on your site
  15. Enter here your DISQUS short name if you have one
  16. Once you are ready click updated settings and enjoy the new features.

Choose your store options
Store options has to be chosen when you are ready to go live with your store. To be able to activate any of this store options you need to have credits in your store account. You can find here how to deposit credits in your online store account.


  1. Free store option is enabled by default for all store if you wish to have more features you can upgrade to:
  2. Starter package wich contain free package + API + support by online chat and Negotiable prices for solutions
  3. Enterprise package including Starter + Mobile app + custom banners + custom logo for your store
  4. Premium package including running contests on your store, exclusive support by FuriousTeam Experts and going 100% brand free
  5. Here you can see the order ID of your plan when you activated it
  6. The date you have enabled it
  7. The last payment made
  8. The next payment has to be done
  9. The store option chosen
  10. The status of this store option

Communicate with our designers team
We have built some cool features for all of you store owners which have chosen Enterprise or Premium features for your online unlocking store. You can now communicate with our designer team so they can make logo and banners with your own taste. This option is ONLY available for Enterprise or Premium stores.


  1. Select Graphics request
  2. Enter the description of what you need, your preferred colors, fonts, what kind of style you would like. As much info you can give.
  3. Once you are ready click Send Graphics Request button.

Site Map
You can know generate a site map for your site, so that you can use it for example in google webmaster tools and increase the ranking of your store. There is 2 style of site map.

  • Site map for Free, Starter, Enterprise stores. Will generate a site map of your all pages included (except the dedicated phone model page)
  • Site map for Premium stores will generate a complete site map of your site. If all solutions are enabled this means you should obtain over 2 Millions links in your site map.


  1. Click Sitemap
  2. This is the file location of your site map. The complete URL
  3. Click here to view your actual site map
  4. Click here to generate a new site map file
Once you have generated your site map you must go to your Google Webmaster Tool account and then submit every link of your site map to google. If you have a Premium stores and all solutions enabled you site map should be really big. Be sure to submit all off them. Once Google is done. You should upload your site map to Bing as well. Simply create an account if you do not have one yet and add your site map.

facebook 4
  1. Facebook Api is a must have feature for every store owners.
  2. Enable or disable the FaceBook integration
  3. Enter the App ID of your FaceBook App
  4. Enter the Secret key of your FaceBook App

You will need to create your own FaceBook application for your store. Simply login to your FaceBook account and go to FaceBook developers page.

  1. Click Facebook

facebook 2

  1. Enter your store name
  2. Enter your store name without space
  3. Click Continue button

facebook 3

This is how it should look your facebook app using your store name. Here is the exemple of Oneunlock. Be sure to have disabled the Sandbox Mode. When this details has been set you are ready to go live on your store. You can always edit the icons or the descrption of your application at anytime.

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