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Enable default languages or do your own easily. Absolutely all texts from your store can be customized directly from here in real time. We include 3 default languages for stores such as English, French and Spanish. And already on work in progress Portuges, Arabic, Turk, Russian, Romanian. Edit the default languages as much as you need.



  1. Select the language you would like to use on your store for your customers
  2. Once you are ready simply click Update languages. Your store will be updated instantly.
  3. Click here to modify the english version language
  4. Select the page you would like to modify (here the homepage)
  5. View on the right all the text to customize with your own way.
  6. Select different languages from the default language available. If you would like to add a new languages please contact us we will add it for you so you can customize it.

Please scroll down and click Update SEO buttons to update the language on your site. This page can be very long. Also the language is cached for 5 minutes. Please allow 5 minutes to see the changes on your front site.

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