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Manage your deposit orders here.

Paypal order do NOT need to be confirmed manually as your customer is receiving a confirmation email to his paypal email adress. As soon as he click the confirmation mail he get the money added to his account. You can still confirm manually paypal orders if you like by simply click the confirm order button.

Visitors orders using paypal can be accepted in real time. You need to activate this option from Paypal payment method. Visitors orders are all managed automatically. You do not have to confirm any orders manually everything is automatic. Your customer will receive notifications by email following the progress of his order.

ALL will display all order statuses
PENDING (GREY COLOR) means the order has been made from your customer but the payment has not been confirmed by you.
PAID (GREEN) means the order is paid and you have received the money
CANCELED (RED) means the order has been canceled and/or refunded
AUTOCANCEL (RED) means Paypal declined the payment for this order
BLOCKED (RED) are all the orders you have blocked

FuriousTeam Engine Sales Deposit

Exemple visitors orders

  1. The order number of the customer
  2. The date of the order
  3. You can see here the email adress of the customer
  4. Here you can see the service or solution ordered including the IMEI, SERIAL, NUMBER etc.. of the customer
  5. The total amount of the order
  6. The payment method used for this order
  7. The order status
  8. The transaction number (for PAYPAL, CREDIT CARD, and SKRILL)
  9. Click here to refund the customer or cancel the order

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