Sales | Manage Credits Transfers

This features allow your customers to transfer money from his account to another of your customer. Both the sender AND the receiver must have access to TRANSFERS to be able to do this operation.

FuriousTeam Engine Credit Transfer

  1. Search for a transfer order using his email adress, order number, transaction number, name etc... (intuitive search)
  2. Select here to display a prefered order status
  3. Select how many rows you would like to display per page
  4. This is the ID of the transfer
  5. The email adress of your customer who received credits
  6. The amount transfered
  7. The date of the transfer was asked by the customer
  8. The date of the transfer was made by the supplier
  9. The status of the transfer
  10. The email adress of the customer who sent the credits.

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