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Manage your sales, deposit and visitors orders easily with advanced features. There is 5 different order status for you to understand.

Paypal order do NOT need to be confirmed manually as your customer is receiving a confirmation email to his paypal email adress. As soon as he click the confirmation mail he get the money added to his account. You can still confirm manually paypal orders if you like by simply click the confirm order button.

ALL will display all order statuses
PENDING (GREY COLOR) means the order has been made from your customer but the payment has not been confirmed by you.
PAID (GREEN) means the order is paid and you have received the money
CANCELED (RED) means the order has been canceled and/or refunded
AUTOCANCEL (RED) means Paypal declined the payment for this order
BLOCKED (RED) are all the orders you have blocked

All the data loaded by default on this page are the TODAY stats. This means all numbers restart every day at 00:01 GMT+1. You can affect those numbers by selecting different dates or by searching in all dates. We will see in details here more:

FuriousTeam Engine Sales Deposit

  1. Display today total sales (or the date selected) this including visitor sales and deposit which have CONFIRMED status. Means PAID. You can click on the number to display only confirmed sales.
  2. This is the total of deposits confirmed for today (or the date selected) Click here to display only deposits orders.
  3. This is the total of visitors orders for today (or the date selected). Click here to display only visitors orders.
  4. This is the total amount you have to refund to your visitors orders customers because the request could not solved. This amount should always be to 0 so you can be up to date with the refunds.
  5. This is the amount of western union pending to be confirmed. Click here to display the western union payment details.
  6. This is the amount of Bank transfer pending to be confirmed. Click here to display the bank transfer payment details.
  7. This is the total of transfers made on your store
  8. Search for a customer using his email adress, products
  9. Search for an order number, transaction number (intuitive search)
  10. Select a service to display orders from that service only
  11. Select the date from and to
  12. Select search in all dates if you woud like to
  13. Select here to display a prefered order status
  14. Select a payment method to display only these
  15. Select how many rows you would like to display per page
  16. Click here to launch the search once you have selected all your criterias
  17. Click here to resend all the paypal confirmation mails
  18. This is the order number. Each order number are unique. Always use this order number when communicating with your customer.
  19. The date and time when the customer placed the order
  20. The email adress of your customer. We also have added the total numbers of order he made on your site for deposits orders. And his current credits available on his account.
  21. The product ordered by the customer
  22. The amount of the order
  23. The payment method your customer selected
  24. The Status of the order
  25. The transaction number (for PAYPAL, CREDIT CARD, and SKRILL)
  26. The customer IP adress if he pays with paypal. (We are recording the IP adress when he place the order AND the ip adress when he confirms the order)

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