Sales | Confirm or reject western union payment

All Western union orders deposit from your customers are listed here. You can see the total amount of payment you have received in western union here in that big box.


On this page you are able to confirm or reject Western union payment. You can find a complete details of each options on that page as follow:


  1. Search: Search for a customer email adress
  2. Status: The status of the order. Pending: (The customer entered payment details and waiting for your confirmation). Paid: (Order has been confirmed and money added to your customer account). Canceled (The order has been canceled and no money has been added to your customer account)
  3. How many per page: Select how many rows you want to diplay per page
  4. Order id: This the order number of your customer deposit
  5. Date: The date when the order was placed
  6. Amount: The amount sent by your customer
  7. Email: The customer email adresss. We also include a QR code so you can grab all the informations of the payment details on your phone and goes direct to western union office!
  8. First Name: This is the sender First Name payment details
  9. Last Name: This is the sender Last Name payment details
  10. Country: The country from where the money has been sent
  11. MTCN: This is MTCN (Western Union number) you need to pick up the money
  12. Status: The status of this order
  13. Enter the amount you have exactly received from western union.
  14. Click Confirm. The money will be added instantly to your customer account and an invoice will be generated into his account.
  15. If you click reject the order for example wrong payment details or any other reason please write it here so your customer will receive an email showing the reason why this payment has been rejected. You can customize the email template as well. Email ID Orders Invalid Payment.
  16. Click here to cancel the payment and no money will be added to your customer account.
TIP: You can give access to one of your staff member to manage western union. To be able to do this goes to users details page, search for the email adress you want to activate western union access, then click the button (Enable WU). This user will be now able to login on using his email adress and password and he will have access to the western union orders page.

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