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The unlock request page is built to make your job easy while managing your customers requests. you can see easily how your store is running. Every single jobs or requests including unlock, activations, sms, and all others mobile phone tools and services will appears here. All requests are processed automatically 24/7 ! YES, even when you sleep your store is making money ! First of all we will explain the different status used here.

  • PENDING means your request is currently waiting to be solved. Please refer to the estimated delivery time to know when it should be ready
  • SOLVED will display all solved requests and jobs done
  • REFUNDED requests means we could not deliver the service and you and your customer got money back
  • VERIFYING allow your to ask us to verify a SOLVED request. Because he estimates it is not working and needs to be verified
  • PENDING CANCEL are the requests which your customers have asked for cancelation because the delay is over for example
  • ERROR This is usually a system error. In that case you and the customer was refunded.
Things you can do while a request is in:

You can ask to cancel a pending request if the customer submited a wrong request for example or if the delay is over.

  • You can ask to verify a request. If your customer is saying that the job is not done properly, then the request will be verified by our admins.
  • You can refund a solved request. This means you will not get your credits back but you will refund your customer.
  • There is no reason to refund a customer unless you the request was already verified AND he sent a video showing CLEARLY the details of the item including the error message.
  • if your customer can proove this we will refund your account 100% no questions asked.
By default when you land on the requests page all requests and all dates are taken in consideration in the calculation for each status in the big boxes. Those amount are affected following the date you have selected. Now we explained the different status. We will explain here the different options of the unlock request page:

FuriousTeam Engine Request

  1. Click here to display your customers feedbacks on requests
  2. Quick view how many requests are in pending. Click here to display only pending requests.
  3. Quick view how many requests are in Verifying. Click here to display only Verifying requests.
  4. Quick view how many requests are in Cancel Pending. Click here to display only Cancel Pending requests.
  5. Quick view how many requests are in Solved. Click here to display only Solved requests.
  6. Quick view how many requests are in Refunded. Click here to display only Refunded requests.
  7. Search here for a specified request id.
  8. Use the intuitive search to find requests fast. You can type serial numbers, IMEI, email adress, solution name it works with all of them at the same time.
  9. Select here a solution or services to display all the requests available
  10. Select the date where to search the request. By default the search is from TODAY only. You can select any date of your choice or click on the two crosses to search from the complete database.
  11. You can filter the results by selecting a status for the requests you are searching.
  12. Select how many requests to display per pages
  13. Press SEARCH each time you modify a selector to take the results in consideration
  14. This is the request ID (unique for each request)
  15. The status of the request right now
  16. The date when the customer sent the request
  17. The date the request was updated
  18. The solution or service name used
  19. The IMEI number or serial number, or phone number (it can be different following each service)
  20. The price you pay this request as a store
  21. The price you have sold this request to your customer
  22. The email adress of your customer who made that request
  23. The actions such as ASK CANCEL, REFUND, ASK VERIFY
  24. Click the key icon to display the results of the requests. Available only when solved or refunded.

Differents actions available (buttons):

  • Refund a customer (your customer get money back)
  • Ask to cancel a request from FuriousTeam Engine. (This will send an email to the customer when the cancel will be done)
  • Ask verify will send back the request to FuriousTeam Engine for verification
  • You can browse different page using the pagination

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