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This is a great features for your customer to leave a feedback for each services they are using from your store. View and manage your customers feedbacks.

  1. The total amount of feedbacks lefts by your customers. (Click here to display only approved feedbacks)
  2. The total amount of feedbacks waiting moderation from your customers.
  3. This is the average ratings of your store.
  4. View the top users who have left the most feedbacks
  5. Click here to delete all the pending feedbacks
  6. Search: Search here any customer email adress
  7. Feedbacks per page: You can select here how many feedbacks you want to display per page
  8. Solution: This is the solution name where your customer left a feedback
  9. Date: The date when the customer left a feedback
  10. User: The email adress of the customer who left a feedback
  11. Feedback: This is the feedback content of your customer
  12. Approve feedback will display the feedback on the solution detail page, and will appear also on the index.
  13. If you click delete the feedback will not appears on your site and customer will be able to leave another feedback

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