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This is all the available FAQ available on your store. By default we display NO FAQ on your front site. You will need to enable the FAQ you would like to display for your customers. If you would like to edit the default FAQ's to help us improve our FAQ or translate in more languages, you can edit them and they will be added under review by our team (usually take less than 24H) to be displayed on your site. You can edit your own FAQ as much as you want.


  1. Click here to display all the new FAQ available from us
  2. Click here to display the published FAQ on your store
  3. Click here to display the email templates from your store
  4. Click here to display the email templates from your store
  5. Click here to add your own FAQ
  6. Click here to re-import all default FAQ
  7. The title of the available FAQ
  8. The category of the FAQ
  9. The status of the FAQ (Enabled = Visible on your site) (Disable = Not visible on your site)
  10. You can click here to enable or disable an FAQ
  11. Edit the FAQ
  12. You can select the FAQ to be display on the homepage of your site here
  13. Click here to disable an FAQ
  14. Click here to edit an FAQ
  15. Click here to display this FAQ on the homepage
  16. Click here to enable this FAQ

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