FuriousTeam Engine Deposit | Orders History and Confirm payment

This is the complete list of all the deposit you have made on your FuriousTeam Engine Store. You can download the invoice once the payment has been confirmed. The deposit orders contain the following details :

FuriousTeam Engine Deposit

  1. Order: This is the order number of your deposit order
  2. Order date: The date you have placed this order
  3. Total Order: The total amount of your order without taxes
  4. Total Order with taxes: The total order of your order with taxes
  5. Credits Granted: The total amount of money added to your FuriousTeam Engine store account. It sometimes can be different than the Total order because of different countries taxes.
  6. Order Status: The status of your order. (Paid= You have paid this request) (Pending=Waiting for your payment) (Canceled=Payment was canceled)
  7. Payment method: The payment method you have chose to pay this order
  8. Actions:
  9. Please click here once you have made the payment to confirm your order. Download the invoice when your order is paid.
  10. Confirm button is here for Western Union and Bank orders.
  11. Pagination to browse different pages

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