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Take a quick look the most important informations about your store FAST! This is the dasboard. The dashboard reset evrymonth from 0 !

FuriousTeam Dashboard
FuriousTeam Dashboard

FuriousTeam Dashboard

  1. This is the total NEW registration you got for this month until now
  2. The total amount of deposit your customers paid on your sotre
  3. The total plans sales of your store
  4. Free store option is enabled by default for all store if you wish to have more features you can upgrade to:
  5. Starter package wich contain free package + support by online chat and Negotiable prices for solutions
  6. Enterprise package including Starter + Mobile app + custom banners + custom logo for your store
  7. Premium package including running contests on your store, exclusive support by FuriousTeam Experts and going 100% brand fre
  8. You can also select another past month to display charts for solutions
  9. Display all solutions for selected month including a graphic and legend
  10. We also display all the solutions in a table so even more clean
  11. The type of the service used
  12. The usage rate (how often this service is used)
  13. The total number of requests
  14. The total number of pending requests
  15. The total number of solved requests
  16. The total number of error requests
  17. The total number of refunded requests
  18. The service and tool availability rate

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