Customers | Users details and custom prices

The users details page allow you to manage your customers easily. Advanced options are included we will explain here how to use them

  1. Go to the customers list and click any email of your customer you will arrive on user detail page
  2. Select the prefered language to comunicate with your customer
  3. Edit the newsletter settings
  4. The activtiy of your customer such as the registration date, the last deposit made on their account, the credits available, the total amount of credits bought, the email adress.
  5. You can find more details from the bio personal information such as company name, first name and last name, adress, if facebook connected or not, The affiliate email adress or Direct registration if this customer do not have affiliates. You can also generate a new password and send it to the customer email.
  6. Add credits to your customers directly from here. Enter the amount in USD always. Click Add button. This function will generate a deposit order. It will also generate an invoice for your customer. And send an email to your customer to confirm the credits has been added to his account. You can customize this email from email settings.
  7. Quick view of latest deposits. Click view all on the right to see all the deposits made by this customer.

  1. Quick look of the latest requests of your customer. Click view all on the right to display all the latest requests from this customer.
  2. View latest affiliates requests from this customers and commissions. Click view all on the right to display all the latest affiliates requests from this customer.

Advanced actions to manage your customers, supporter and staff easy as follow

  1. Click here to see actions for your customers
  2. Click here to enable or disable transfers for this customer.
  3. Block or unblock a customer. Blocked users will appears in Blocked users list
  4. Enable or disable supporter. If you have staff to help for support on your website you can enable his account by clicking here. They will have access to your customers, requests and sales including dashboard. But they will not be able to make any changes.
  5. Enable or disable admin access. If you have partners and you need to give them access to requests, customers, sales, dashboard and statistics.
  6. Enable or disable access. If you would like to use another person to confirm the western union payment. He will have access to western union confirmation page ONLY.
  7. Click here to view the complete history of your customer account
  8. Login to your customer account directly without entering his username and password
  9. Will reset to 0 the curent balance of this user account

Make custom price and discount to your customer has never been so easy

  1. Click here to make discounts for a special customer
  2. Click here to display solutions and services and make discount for a customer
  3. Click here to display products and make discount for a customer
  4. Giving discount to all solutions for a customer is not recommended. But you can still doing it here. By default the margin is 100% on your customers. For exemple if you want to have a margin of 80% (this means 20% discount for the customer) simply enter 80. A email will be sent to your customer with the new custom prices you have setup.
  5. Click Apply Percent button
  6. Click here to delete all custom price for this customer
  7. Search for a special service or solution
  8. If you see a solution in red it means there is something wrong with the price you sell to this customer please check it.
  9. This is the name of the service or solution or product
  10. The price you are selling for one unit for registered members on your site
  11. The original cost price you are paying for one unit
  12. The commission for affiliates per unit
  13. You can set your own custom price here
  14. Click save will save only one custom price for selected service only
  15. Delete the custom price for the selected service only

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