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It is very easy to pay your affiliates. You can find here a list of all your affiliates withdrawal requests. You can class them by status. Paid, Pending or Canceled. You can also search by email adress. A withdrawal request contains the following details:


  1. Search: Search for your customer email adress here
  2. Status: You can select different status of the withdrawal request
  3. How many per page: Select here how many rows you want to display per page
  4. Email: The email adress of your customer
  5. Amount: The amount of the withdrawal request
  6. Request Date: The date when the affiliate made the request
  7. Acceted/refused date: The date when the store admin solved this request
  8. Status: The status of this request. (Paid= You have paid this request) (Pending=Waiting for your payment) (Canceled=Payment was canceled)
  9. Payment method: The payment method your affiliate asked to be paid.
  10. Payment details: The payment details of your affiliate where do you have to make the payment.
  11. Actions: Once you have made the payment click the green check box. If there is a problem with the payment click the red cross icon and the amount will be refunded to the affiliate account.
  12. Pagination: You can browse here different pages

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